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When honour's at stake...this vow I will make....

cause when it's all for one, its all for love....

Whispered nothings...
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"Ti Amo" is an Italien phrase translating to say "I love you" to your lover. It is only to be said to someone passionately close to you.

ti amo.. xoxo

I created this community as a feelings outlet basically. Love someone? Secretly? Passsionately? Sexually? Share your thoughts, feelings and stories.

Posts are allowed to be completely random, as long as it pertains to the one you love. It can be just a random thought about them, something you love about them, a story about a special time with them, a memory of one you loved before. This is the place to bare it all. Sob stories, heart break, missing somone, thats all part of being in love.

Perhaps you have a poem or a pice of art or anything at all you wish to share that expresses your feelings... anything is welcome.

Pictures are allowed to be posted, and I am assuming you know how to use the lj-ct, for pictures or outrageously long posts. As long as pictures are not underage, outright, sexually explicit porn, basically anything goes.

Sometimes its harder to say these things, feelings, or thoughts out loud, or to somone directly, or perhaps you just want to share it with anyone who will listen. Those random people who listen? They quickly become lj-friends. So there you have it kids, the purpose of ti_amo_xoxo

I am Joanne (liddle_joannie), the Moderator, and I praise and appreciate those who pimp this community. Join and let the good times role.

I doubt it will occur, but I reserve the right to boot and ban anyone who says hurtful or disrespectful things to other members (ha! if people actually join that is). Hopefully we are all mature enough to understand this though.