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Real People

I have met him but I do not know his name. I am sure he has no memory of me. Real people don't do this. Real people aren't left thinking about a stranger who they know nothing about - are they? Not real people as old as me.

I know where I could find him, while at work. The though is to slip him a note, somehow, with my name, number, e-mail the modern girl's calling card. Something safely witty and distant to protect me, and then disappear into the crowd. But real people don't respond to those things, and what under heaven would I say?

I have questions: Is he attached? How old is he? Why on earth would he be interested in me? How I long for a name. Real people must know these things, blind dates even know theses things. I am driving myself insane.

I have no indication that he would do more than crumple the paper and walk away. It might be better than way, real people would react that way. Do I do it, just to see, on that off chance that he is as unreal as me? Which outcome do I long for? What is wrong with me? Real people do not think these things. Real people do not do them.

Should I?
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