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So. My birthday was fun. Nothing special.. We're eating birthday dinner at Joes Crab Shack on Tuesday....wanted to wait for Brenden when he wasn't working... :D



He got me these two cute shirts from vacation... Which he was giddy about.. he said, "And this one's going to look really good on you! It's more like something you'd wear..and i really didn't know if you'd like the other one..." And he babbled and was excited...

The biggest thing was though- He got me a golf bag! It was sweet. It's orange and black and he said, "It's orange. And I know it's not your favorite color, but it matches your clubs..." He was so funny. Not to mention, he filled one of the pockets with golf balls and tees.. Not any ordinary golf balls... But LADIES balls. ladies balls he'd spent hours picking off the range at the golf course. All the times he'd said, "Hey, this guy at the course wants me to go pick the range with him..." Um, all those stupid times, he'd gone to find ladies balls.. ::grins:: Not crappy ladies balls either- they aren't scratched or cut or anything. plus. they're like, titleist and other good balls. He also bought me some yellow balls because he knows I like them. He was so giddy and happy. He was all telling me about the bag and how it was two straps so it's like a back pack and all the pockets and how we'd have to go play a round...

And then he gave me his putter... ::laughs:: He was like, "This putter has made a 30 foot putt, a 40 foot putt from the rough and it's also made a 50 foot putt...." And he was so excited.


He was like, "I didn't have enough money to buy you a putter when I bought the bag, but I will buy you one." I asked why... Since the one he gave me was fine.

It's just so funny. I took him taco bell to eat at work- he worked a 10 am to 8 pm shift- and he was like, "There's my birthday girl..." I laughed. He's so funny.

And I love him. :D
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